Musee Ullah
San Jose, CA


A senior systems administration position with a heavy focus on automation.


FireEye, Inc. - Milpitas, CA

A cybersecurity company with a renown background in malware detection.

Research Infrastructure Engineer - March 2015, ongoing

  • provided infrastructure support for FireEye Labs (R&D), which involved leading the upbringing of several internal projects to completion in collaboration with other teams.
  • implemented various services and processes for automating Linux systems in the various stages of their lifecycle, mainly via ansible but including other not-yet-public automation software.
  • worked with several distributed systems, including but not limited to Ceph, Cassandra, and internal FireEye systems.
  • quite a bit more to be honest - to be filled/modified later.

Sleepy Giant Entertainment - Chicago, IL

A game infrastructure development company.

Systems Engineer - July 2013 to September 2014

  • orchestrated servers with Chef and other automation utilities
  • worked with several Amazon Web Services, including RDS, VPC, Beanstalk
  • replaced part of SG's development cycle with Docker (Jenkins CI)
  • wrote various scripts in Python, Ruby and Bash
  • was responsible for the security audit after the Heartbleed PSA

HostGator.Com, LLC - Austin, TX

A shared web hosting company who also offers dedicated servers/VMs.

Systems Monitoring - December 2011 to July 2012

  • monitored >4500 machines remotely (SoftLayer) using Zabbix/ZMonitor
  • dealt with user abuse, compromised clients, broken configurations, and other resource usage issues
  • handled network abuse/issues by either firewall or escalating to SL (UDP/SYN floods, Slowloris)
  • sole assistant from the monitoring team during HG's architecture migration (32->64bit)
  • wrote public announcements on the network status forums for extended downtime issues.

Systems Administrator - June 2011 to July 2012

  • was primarily help desk support, handling website/database/application errors and issues, backups/restorations, triage, software upgrades and installations.
  • Filed internal bug reports and wrote documentation for company wikis and knowledgebase.

Contracted Positions

  • - site redesign using Bootstrap (by request); uses Jekyll for site generation


  • Simple Mona - sole administrator of this pool for the Monacoin cryptocurrency - development halted
    • involved administrating a RabbitMQ cluster, developing in Python (Flask), and querying in Postgres
    • i18n support, added Japanese translation (by me and a couple native speakers)
  • Knights of Reason - primary contact for technical issues, server owner/co-admin, forum moderator. (server documentation)
  • The Bike Project of Urbana-Champaign (Urbana, IL, 8/2010-2/2011) - bike mechanic and technologist, e.g. repurposed old laptops with Debian for use at the shop.

Projects / One-Offs

Familiarities / Preferences

distros: arch linux, centos, debian, coreos, ubuntu (16+)
lang: bash, python, ruby, markdown, json
apps: nginx, postgresql, mysql, etherpad, chef
workflow: ansible, git, vim, i3wm, remmina, vagrant, bash (x2)


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - 2010 -- 2011 - East Asian Languages and Cultures